I paint the zones of transition between reality and hallucination, the moments in which the mundane becomes the uncanny. I want the viewer to be able to shift back and forth between these two realities allowing an ever-evolving meaning to develop.

Women occupy a large space in my work. However, beyond their physical manifestation, I aim to represent how the feminine interacts with ideas of identity. By exploring this theme in my art practice, I get to travel through the many layers of how identity expresses itself.

I view portraits as a way to articulate an inner state, perhaps a fleeting subtle moment of reflection, where the subject shares some clues about who they are at a moment in time. I sometimes incorporate domestic and/or surrealist elements to the painting, which then take on a supporting role to shed some light, or inform the subject’s inner dialogue or feeling.

The main focus of my practice is found in painting and drawing, which I regard as a way to articulate moments in time. The malleability and flexibility of paint allows for the expression of certain states of mind and desires that may be previously unknown to me.

Besides painting and drawing, I often use collage as a way to start the creative process, and will sometime leave traces of the idea of collage in my finished works. This practice, in conjunction with painting and/or drawing, is a way for me to reclaim images and transform them in a way that brings forth personal meaning.